absolute mexico Surf Trailer by VASentertainment

In April of 2007, Studio411 released ABSOLUTE MEXICO, my first collaboration project with longtime great Josh Pomer. Josh has an eye for filming that few have and a past long devoted to filmmaking. When he called one day to ask if I'd like to take a trip to Mexico and make a movie, I was done packing before we finished our conversation. After we shot the footage and returned to California, Josh gave me the freedom to make the film however I chose, an opportunity I'll always thank him for. Music has always been paramount in surf films, so scoring the film was particularly important. There was only one song I used from an outside source. I chose that song for the Bobby Martinez chapter. Bobby has always been one of my favorite surfers to watch. He has a unique style and I simply couldn't compose/perform a sound that did justice to the chapter, but found a great song from the past that fit well. FYI: That's me in the chapter with the cap - one of the bonuses of editing! The remaining music was either composed by myself (including the instrumentals featured in the trailer above), performed live with my longtime friend Brandon Bristow (the last song featured in the trailer above "Waiting On The Bottom"; Brandon on vocals; me on guitar), and music written and performed by Brandon Bristow. For about a decade, Brandon and I played in a band called Slight Return (not a tribute band, but named after the late, great Hendrix song, Voodoo Child (Slight Return)). Brandon's one of the most talented musicians I've ever known. 


"'Live: A Music and Surfing Experience' dances through each decade and shows why the two go together like Shaun Tomson and tubes. You'll be strumming your six string and waxing up before the credits." –Surfing Magazine.

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