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LIVE - Director's Statement:

I chose to make “LIVE” simply because it is the surf film that I've always wanted to see. “LIVE” documents the unique and sometimes uncanny relationship between music and riding waves: two elements that have always been so closely tied together. Even from the first surf films, music was paramount. Simply put, the good films were able to piece the two together in a compelling way, while the bad ones weren't. For each sequence in “LIVE,” my goal was to blend the two in a manner that would result in one inseparable and compelling journey for the viewer.
- Dave Parsa
The documentary “LIVE” takes audiences through the intricacies of the symbiotic relationship between surfing and music. Filmmaker David Parsa weaves sequences along the surfing culture's timeline—from it's Polynesian roots through every era of surfing and music since. “LIVE” features many of the greatest surfers from all eras, while world-renowned musician Jackson Brown guides viewers through the history of the harmonious nature between surf culture and the world of music. In addition to featuring songs by some of the greatest artists from our past and present—like Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Cat Stevens, Django Reinhardt and Pennywise—original music for “LIVE” is composed by Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros, Hybrid).
“Live,” a documentary from filmmaker David Parsa, features the pioneers of surfing from the early Twentieth Century and the music that drove them. In particular, we gain personal insight from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and lifelong surfer Jackson Browne, as he guides us through the history of the harmonious nature between surf culture and the world of music.

Along the way, audiences hear from legendary surfers and musicians, such as Rabbit Kekai, Greg Noll, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Tim Curran, Mick Fanning, Jeff Clark, Wayne Bartholomew, Jordy Smith, members of The Untouchables, FEAR, T.S.O.L., Black Sabbath, and more.

Great music is born from great improvisation. In “Live,” viewers witness improvisation on water by surfing's most spontaneous surfers—from David Nuuhiwa and Montgomery Ernest Thomas Kaluhiokalani (a.k.a. "Buttons") to one of today’s hottest trailblazers, Ventura's Dane Reynolds.

In a special sequence, “Live” takes us to December 4, 2007, when heavy sounds are met by heavier waves at possibly the most violent spot in the world: Pescadero Point, a.k.a., "Ghost Tree." Peter DiStefano’s haunting 7-minute original score captures the intensity of this dangerous surf location. In the harbor, Parsa captures Pescadero Point pioneers Tyler and Russell Smith surfing on a day later dubbed "Big Tuesday."

Tyler offers first-hand insight to the dangers of this "non-surf spot” and words of tribute to the original and late "Godfather" of Pescadero Point, legendary Peter Davi, who discovered the surf spot (and died surfing it) years before it became known to the public.

Throughout an hour of vibrant visual and audio stimulation, Parsa weaves together the meaning of surfing—according to legends of the waves and modern-day surf renegades—as it draws from a pulsing tapestry of sound waves from many of the Twentieth Century’s greatest musicians—also known as surf culture influencers.

In essence, “LIVE” is driven by the same sense of rhythm, improvisation, progression and style that drives both musicians and surfers alike.

Jackson Browne (R&R Hall of Fame Inductee/lifelong surfer)
Rabbit Kekai (legendary surfer; started surfing in 1926)
Greg Noll (big wave pioneer/first to ride Wiamea Bay in late 50s)
Drew Kampion (previous editor of SURFER&SURFING/
current editor of SURFER'S PATH)
Kelly Slater (8x world champ)
Tom Curren (3x world champ)
Mark Occhilupo (1999 world champ)
Mick Fanning (current world champ)
Dane Reynolds (professional surfer)
Joe Wood (former frontman of T.S.O.L.)
Timmy Curran (professional surfer / musician)
Jordy Smith (professional surfer)
Gerry Lopez (surfing legend)
Jeff Clark (big wave pioneer / pioneered MAVERICKS)
Wayne Bartholomew (1978 world champ)
Anthony Brewster (THE UNTOUCHABLES)
Derek Breakfield (THE UNTOUCHABLES)
Derf Scratch (FEAR)
Chris Ward (professional surfer)
Gordon Copley (BLACK SABBATH)
Mary Osborne (professional surfer/model/MTV "surf girls")
Todd Hannigan (surfer / musician / music scores for many award-winning surf films)
Sunny Garcia (2000 world champ / 6x Triple Crown Winner)
Davey Miller (former professional surfer)
Darren "Zorba" Cruz (founding member SKA DADDYZ)
Matt Calvani (shaper/designer BING and JACOBS SURFBOARDS)
Cory Lopez (professional surfer)
Roy Powers (professional surfer)

“It’s all one big smoldering sound, and I’m part of it.
It’s like gliding, or some sort of natural surfing.”
- Neil Young


“Big Tuesday” at the deadly
Pescadero Point, a.k.a. “Ghost Tree”

David Parsa - Producer/Director/Director of Photography/Editor
Inspired by his unbridled passion for surfing and music, David Parsa now brings “LIVE” to audiences. His last film collaboration “Absolute Mexico,” a Studio411 release, premiered in April 2007. Captured in High Definition Video, “Absolute Mexico” explores what happens when the world’s best surfers descend on a small Mexican community during a perfect swell—a winning combination of water, cliff and shore angles with epic surfing, huge waves and one of the most beautiful and settings in the world. The film was directed by Josh Pomer and Parsa served as Creative Director and Editor. The film also featured cinematography and music by Parsa. He currently resides in Oxnard, California.

Peter DiStefano - Original Score
Peter DiStefano rose to fame as a guitarist when he joined singer Perry Farrell, drummer Stephen Perkins, and bassist Martyn LeNoble to form Porno for Pyros. Some say Pete is 'the other half of Porno for Pyros' because his distinct guitar style is such an enormous piece of what made the band a success. Peter has continued to work on projects such as Rambient, Hellride, Venice Underground, and toured with former Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy. Pete Is now living In Ventura, California.

Tracy Lynch-Sanchez - Music Supervisor
Tracy Lynch-Sanchez began her career as an executive assistant at Twentieth Century Fox. Working her way up the ranks in every aspect of the studio system, she found her niche in the Music Legal Department where she was quickly promoted from handling administrative duties to clearing music for Fox film and television projects. Tracy has cleared music for numerous studio projects such as “Dr. Doolittle” and “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” Additionally, she's cleared music for many popular television series including “The Simpsons,” “Ally McBeal” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” In 2001, she worked as a music supervisor for a large music library in Hollywood and has moved on to operate her own full service music clearance and supervision company located in Burbank, CA.

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